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What Is The Ultimate Symbol of QoL


The RedX! … as in X marks the spot.  It is the symbol of failure in the school maths book … as such

QoL is about … … …

Failing Forward
Being A Failer – Not A Failure … (i.e. it’s not permanent)
You have to give it a go

Most successful people ‘FAIL’ more than anyone else, but they don’t Quit and they learn from their mistakes.
Never Never Never Quit is one of our other key phrases
Is it George Bernard Shaw who said

“When I was young I failed 10 x more than anyone else … so I decided to work 10 x harder”


The International QoL Project A Global Education Initiative


To move humanity from Survival to Thrival™ (Sometimes called ‘An End to Fear’


Create A World of Thrival Focused Human Beings mainly by creation of An Alternative Education System (which will equip individuals with the skills necessary for a happy, prosperous life in the 21st Century and beyond)


To Do For The Profession of Teaching (in the broadest form) What Hollywood Did For Acting.  We will create new generation Teachers / Entelechists™ WHO ARE RICH … hence repositioning the skill of ‘teaching’ as something to be respected and aspired to.


WAKE PEOPLE UP!  … hence our rallying cry WAKE UP! And Live or WAKE UP! And THRIVE!

Key Objective      

To Create/Become The World’s First Global Education Brand - ‘Quality of Life’ or QoL as it becomes generically known

Core Strategy               

Getting Education Into The Hands Of The Dynamic Entrepreneurs  via Memberships, Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures.  Fundamentally we are a Collaborative Organisation and grow by adding value to our Collaborations.


Principle Methodology                    

Application of Entelechy™ Methodologies To Actively              

Promote The Concept Of Educaré (To Lead Out) The Root Purpose Of Education via the new profession of Entelechists™.


What’s Our Goal?                   

Transforming Education World-wide (inside and beyond traditional ‘school’ environment.) One child, one parent, one teacher, one school, one committee, one government at a time!


What Are We?                    

A Global Education Distribution Collaboration building The No 1 Education Brand – ‘QoL’.


What Summarises Us?            

Everything You Ever Wished You’d Been Taught At School And Could Never Find Out.


One Word:                   

‘Entelechy’™ - Achieving Your Potential.


What Do We Represent?        

A Life Of Vitality.  Openness.  Harmony. Intelligence.  Prosperity and Organisation.


Why Are We Doing It?          

Just about every problem of the modern age (Drugs, poverty, unemployment, boredom, apathy, teenage pregnancy, child abuse, violent crime, domestic violence, divorce and inability to forge stable relationships, even degenerative diseases to some degree) stems from the low-self-esteem caused by ineffective Life Skills and    Education.  Quality of Life exists to do something about the root cause .... an education system which is grossly out of date and is failing to serve the people it sets out to ‘educate’.We aim to stop people knowingly or otherwise hindering others from realising their potential.  Putting education into the hands of dynamic entrepreneurs is in our view the single most important change required to trigger an upsurge in effectiveness and achievement for millions of people world-wide.


What’s Our USP? (Unique Selling Point)            

Education for Success in the 21st Century / Someday All Businesses (And lives) Will Be Run This Way

Who’s Doing It?                      

A dynamic and growing group of Entrepreneurs, QoL Coaches, Project Managers and other Educators from all walks of life committed to a radical new approach to Education in the 21st Century … by forming the new technology of Entelechy™ for Achieving Your Potential.


How Do We Intend To Do It?    See ‘A Glimpse of The Future With Quality of Life. Contact Us and we'll send you the info

In essence we will create a world-wide  Education Distribution System built around a core collaboration concept and supported by a powerful Acquisitions Programme to create Geometric Growth.


What’s Our Promise?             

We are totally committed to the creation of an education system designed to free people’s massive potential and enable them to lead happy, productive, successful lives. … Creating Thrivalists™
NB.  Redefining Education is explicit in this promise.


Who Are Our Customers?       

People who want a better life in every respect and are prepared to ‘Go Back To QoL School’ in it’s various forms to find out how.


What Is Our Attitude  To Customers?          

They know of our Commitment to Education and as such they will be treated as though they are members of an International Club in which they are both free to and actively encouraged to participate on many levels.


Practising What We Preach?    

QoL and it's associated projects is a true 21st Century organisation!  Very few people will be directly employed (in the tax man’s sense).  Rather, QoL is an Education Network made up of Members, Affiliates, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures et al coming together for collaborative reasons to create the World’s No 1 Education Brand. 150 Quality of Life Centres/Cafes are planned as distribution bases and points of recognition. (Many more as the franchise achieves wider success and track record). 10,000 plus Entelechists™ (and rising as the market expands) will also create awareness at the senior levels of Corporate Business. – Again these are independent businesses working under our corporate umbrella.  Those wishing to play a more central role in developing QoL … will be invited to apply for Junior and Full Partnership roles given adherence to strict selection criteria. 

NB.  There are approaching 100,000 Doctors in the UK … think of the true market size for Entelechists.


Where Are We?                     

Quality of Life Academy is at Redbrook Lodge, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Quality of Life Think Tank members are dotted around the UK.

Having recruited and trained some 200 Quality Of Life (QoL) Coaches... worked in 7 countries and served around 15,000 QC's (or QoLity Customers) around the world... throw in our Millionaire Entrepreneur clients and finally we began working with some amazing Project Managers. The rest is history... the combination of their skills and talents triggered the rapid development of the new technology - Entelechy for Achieving Your Potential.


It became clearer and clearer... the education system is failing us on just about every level... particularly on skills for life in the new millennium and the art of attracting and capitalising on Opportunities.. hence it was time for something beyond Agony Aunts and their problem pages... we're the first Ecstasy Uncles... showing people how to dramatically improve their QoL... starting today.


Our web site is designed for people looking for a way forward in terms of true Education for Success in the 21st Century and looking for that vital missing ingredient that will propel them towards their potential! If that sounds like you... you're in the right place.

Everything You Ever Wished You'd Been Taught At School And Could Never Find Out


So explore away... step into the world of QoL... and find valuable information and interactive exercises drawn from our Entelechy philosophies and programmes. You'll also find lots of ways to get involved... if evolving (rapidly) a new positive education approach is important to you.

Enjoy Real QoL

The Entelechists™... New Educators for Success in the 21st Century.

Beyond fire walking... spoon bending, beyond board breaking and sticking pins in your arm!

Beyond The Stunts...

and the theories of the Ivory Towers lies your True Potential; discover it with the new technology for Achieving Your Potential called Entelechy. A real education for success in the 21st century ...anyone can do it, all you need is Desire, An Open Mind, A Step by Step plan... And an Entelechist of course.